This is my story of why I think RTT is so very important, so life-changing, and why you should care. I don’t say it to be dramatic, because I believe it to be the absolute truth. But because I also believe in finding your own truth, I will just tell my story, and allow you to come to your own conclusions.

Let the story begin…

If you’ve navigated your way to this article, you can likely deduce that I am a hypnotist. What you might not know, is why I decided that being a hypnotist alone just wasn’t cutting it.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love being a hypnotist, but I was finding that a small percentage of my clients would get better/change their habits, and then they would regress back to the old ways.  Old habits die hard, I know, but it still wasn’t something I liked. 

Of course, I cannot expect that 100% of people who have session with me will respond (no matter how much I want this to be true), because if we’re honest, absolutely NO ONE can claim 100% success in any healing modality … no one credible anyway.  However, I am a recovering perfectionist.  I am the person who likes 100%s!!! I didn’t need my parents to ask “Where’s the other 2%” when I got 98% on something because I did it myself.  The honest truth is that it doesn’t feel good when you don’t help the other 2%. 

I care deeply about helping my clients and I want to walk away from every session knowing that I gave it my all. I decided to take a closer look at what I could be doing to creep closer to that 100% (yes, yes…I still strive for perfection, but I know it’s a goal that will never be fulfilled…). This is how I re-awakened my interest in RTT and obsessed over it until I eventually found a way to make it happen.   

RTT was always my first choice of hypnosis training, but like the place most of us find ourselves in at some point in life, sometimes we have to make a choice between what we want and what we can afford.   

I was working at my corporate job, with two young kids, and a newly purchased home (requiring extensive renovations) that we acted on quickly because it was (is!) our forever home.  For the previous year or so before the move, I had been seriously thinking that it was time for a career change. 

My job was good, but I felt a call to do something that would light up my soul, and the day-to-day grind was getting to me. 

If you’ve read my about page, you know that I have been interested in hypnosis since my late teen years, yet it never seemed like an actual job (limiting belief right here…), so I went the more traditional route.  

Fast forward 15 years from that book, and there I was actually considering hypnosis training after years of it just being a dream. 

I considered it. Researched it.  Pondered it.  Talked about it.  I investigated the different courses.  I decided that I wanted RTT badly, but it just wasn’t feasible.  After many nights of sitting in the garage having talks with my husband after the kids went to bed, he made a really good point. He said, “You don’t even know if you’re going to like it.  What if you spend all that money and then find out it actually isn’t what you want?”  Good point. 

I settled on another highly respected course and got certified.  It was a great course.  I learned a lot and this became the foundation of my business.  I am still grateful I took this course because I think it allows me to be an even better hypnotherapist.  

The best thing though, is that I learned that hypnosis is actually the thing I am most interested in doing as a career so it was a great investment. 

And now, we are full circle, at the beginning of this post, where I am trying to find the best way to serve ALL my clients. 

Enter RTT. 

You may be asking, Why RTT and what the heck is RTT anyway?  Great questions.  Let me explain. 

What is RTT?   

RTT stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy™ and it was created by a British psychotherapist – Marisa Peer – who started to ask herself why her talk therapy clients were still coming to see her year after year; why did it take so long to get better? Now this was not just her problem specifically, but the whole “therapy” system.  She started wondering if there wasn’t a better way.  People don’t want to spend years in therapy – they want to get better now.  

[Note: I am not suggesting therapy isn’t useful or appropriate and neither was she.  She was just thinking that it took a long time, and that she wished she could help clients heal faster.  Please do not abandon your therapist at my suggestion! As Tim Ferriss says, “I am not a doctor and I don’t play one on the internet.”] 

So, Marisa begins to play around with all kinds of different methods.  She starts to have really good results.  She starts winning awards.  Her therapist colleagues start to ask her what she’s doing.  Eventually, I think she got close to retirement and these folks begged her not to retire with her methods in her head.  So here she is now, with this conundrum – retire and keep it to herself since it was her life’s work, or teach her methods?  Luckily for me, she opted to teach the methods!   

If I were to describe RTT in layman’s terms, I would say it is a system of different techniques, conducted under hypnosis to get to the root cause of an issue.  It’s a bit like being a detective and trying to “solve” the case of the issue the person is facing.  You ask a lot of questions and do a lot of reframing of the thoughts, feelings and images that come up.  Many of the reasons why we act or feel the way we do, is because we found ourselves in situations as kids where we were interpreting with our kid brains.  Now as adults, we can realize that we may have misinterpreted the event, and that we don’t actually have to think like a kid anymore. Of course, there are some more awful things that happen too, sadly, but I can say that regardless of what they are, these things have a HUGE impact on us as adults.   

RTT gives me the tools to really solve the mystery and free you from your issue.   

Let me give you an example from my life: 

I was a ballerina/tap dancer from about 3 until 12 – lots of dancing – yet, as a teenager and adult, I was very self-conscious to dance.  Often it took many drinks to convince me to get up and dance which is not ideal. In an RTT session, I recalled an event that happened when I was 11 which became the root of why I quit dancing and never felt confident to do it in public again without liquid courage. 

I’ll be brief here.  During an RTT session, I recalled a scene where I was at the local community centre with other kids from schools all over town in the same age range as me (10-14 years).  I had a crush on a boy who wasn’t from my school.  I was dancing and have a great time when my friend came up to me and told me to basically simmer down and that I shouldn’t be dancing and acting silly.  I felt embarrassed, and then I wondered if I had made a fool out of myself.  Was I dancing funny?  Did the boy see me dancing funny?  Are people laughing at me? 

I reviewed that scene as an adult, and I noticed that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, nor was I making a fool out of myself, but yet that one statement from a friend made me stop doing something I loved for the rest of my life (up until that point anyway).  Did her opinion matter?  At the time it did.  She probably had her own reasons for saying that to me – unlikely it had anything to do with me at all – but now as an adult I see that, when I was a kid – not so much…

I realized that it doesn’t really matter what others think.   I can dance freely and not make a fool out of myself.  I’m not stuck to a version of myself that I took on from an event that happened when I was 11! 

This is the power of RTT, and something I was not taught in my original hypnosis training; however, in a sense we are comparing apples to oranges, as RTT isn’t just about hypnosis, it’s about using a multitude of different tools to discover root cause and then to change the beliefs surrounding it It’s a method all on its own. 

It works.  It works exceptionally well

If you are ready to actually do the work to get over whatever it is that’s bothering you, then this is the method for you.  It isn’t a passive process where you come in, get hypnotized and then walked away “cured.”  It requires a willingness to be open and vulnerable, to do some deep inner work, and then to commit to listening to a positive, uplifting, unique recording for 21 days.  This last part is purely biology.  Your brain cells need some reinforcement to grow in new directions and solidify your new POSITIVE beliefs.  This takes some time.  If you can do those three things, then I promise you, your life will never be the same.  It might take one session or it might take three, but there is beautiful change on the horizon. 

If you have a deeply held belief that is no longer serving you, or you have an issue you’d like to get over – heck even if you want to enhance something that’s already going well in your life – this is the method for you.   

RTT sessions will soon be available, and when they are, you can book one here

[Side note: the word “therapy” and “therapist” are legal terms in Ontario where I am located, so please know that when I say I provide Rapid Transformational “Therapy”, I do not intend it to mean “therapy” as defined by Ontario Law.  I stay in my lane and I love it there.  I am very clear in the Discovery Call with my potential clients if I think they need to try a different RTT-er with a different specialty or a more specific medical provider.]   

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