This formula is the key to everything.  Like any math equation, if you enter the wrong number, you don’t get the correct answer.  The same applies for your life.  The correct inputs are key! I cannot stress this enough. 

If you don’t have clarity, you don’t get what you want.  You might get half, or something similar, but the result that shows up will still be wrong. 

If you don’t have conviction (i.e. you’re kind of half-assing it) then you’re not going to get exactly what you want either. 

If you don’t take action, you definitely won’t get what you want.  Pizza delivery doesn’t show up without an order and neither does money, freedom, a fantastic job…  

You can try to algebra the sh*t out of this equation, but if you don’t put the right inputs in, you’re never going to get 100% of what you want.   

I would argue that the most import piece of the “what you want equation” is CLARITY.  It’s impossible to have conviction if you’re not really into something.  You certainly aren’t going to be inspired to take action if you really don’t want something bad enough.   Wishy-washy in, means wishy-washy out.


Many of us have no real clue.  We are unclear.  Our wants are hazy, shapeless, blurry, and fall into broad categories like: “happy” and “rich” and “free”.  The problem is, that there is no universal definition of those concepts.  One person’s happy is another person’s misery.  Free can mean so many things depending on the person you ask.  Rich to Bill Gates is completely different than rich in my eyes.   

What do you want?  Do you even know?  

Don’t be taken aback by that.  Most of us don’t.  And frankly, I would argue that even if we knew, we would probably not let ourselves think too hard about it anyway.  Your inner critic would show up and say, “Who are you to want to have a corner office with a 7-figure salary, drive a Tesla, have a vacation home in the Virgin Islands, and a cottage up north?”     

“Who are you to think you deserve to have a thriving business that allows you time to hang out more with your family, and live a luxury lifestyle too?  Don’t you know that success like that doesn’t happen to people like you?” 

“Who are you to want to be able to travel the world and still have a job that allows you to live this lifestyle?  You need to get yourself a “real” job like the rest of the people you know.”   

I literally could go on and on.  My point being that we all have conditioning that gives us parameters for what we think is acceptable to have and to be, so if we really sat down and tried to be clear about our wants we might encounter some resistance. It’s easier to use concepts. Saying what you want with 100% certainty is giving yourself real, hard inputs.  It’s setting you up for real, tangible results and it can feel a bit unsafe.  What happens if you don’t get it, achieve it, find it?  The pain of letting yourself down is so unbearable that you just decide not to try. 

You put up barriers to getting clear and stay firmly stuck in your comfort zone – you probably aren’t even aware that you’re doing it.  It might be boring, unfulfilling, but oh man, it’s familiar.  Familiar = safe. 

I’d like to propose something radical.   

What if you got clear about what you wanted?  What if you opened yourself up to the possibility that you have a greater purpose – that you aren’t meant to sip tea in the comfort zone?  That it is, in fact, quite boring there, maybe even totally miserable. 

Can you open yourself up to the idea that you are actually supposed to follow your heart, your true wants, desires and needs?   That the whole reason why you are feeling bored, stuck, miserable, unhappy is that your inner self is pushing you towards your greatness and you continue to ignore it?  

What do you possibly have to lose by getting absolutely clear about what you truly want? What if you listened to your inner mind?  Befriended it and payed attention – even if just a little at a time?  Take baby steps!  Allow yourself to get familiar with your real wants. 

I know my wants.  One of them is to help you find yours.   

If you’re ready to get clarity, to dip your toe into the water of what is possible for you, let’s talk.  Or, you can lounge lazily on your comfort zone couch, looking out the window at the world beyond, pondering what fabulous things exist out there, never experiencing them at all. 

It’s not a life for me.

When your clarity meets your conviction and you apply action to the equation, your world will begin to transform before your eyes.

Lisa Nichols

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