How do you feel about the topic of past life regression? Pop quiz! Is the idea that we’ve had previous lives: (a) common knowledge, (b) completely ridiculous, or (c) absolutely heretical in your opinion? Just kidding… there’s no quiz, but I am curious what you think, because the opinions about past life regression vary throughout the world.

Regardless of what you believe, if you can stick with me for a few minutes, I’d like to tell you why I think the idea is fascinating … AND more importantly, one of the most phenomenal ways to learn more about your own life and how you can make the absolute best of it.     

My own personal opinion, is that it’s awesome, but it didn’t start that way. I guess you could say that growing up I never really thought about it.  It wasn’t common or heretical; it just wasn’t a thing. In fact, I can’t even pinpoint a specific time, place or book reference that got me interested in the idea.  It’s like the idea magically entered my consciousness at some point in my late teenage years and never left. 

Once I became aware, I stumbled across the book called Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. B. Weiss.  That was my gateway book to a completely different paradigm about life.  Soon it was followed by Old Souls by Tom Schroder, Destiny of Souls by Dr. M. Newton and frankly, anything else I could get my hands on. Keep in mind this was dial-up internet days and there was no Amazon or Chapters so the fact that I came across this topic at all in my small town was pretty amazing.

As I tried to wrap my head around the idea that we have multiple lives, I came to think about it in terms of the career of an actress.  The actress will have multiple performances throughout her career, each time taking on a new role and assuming a temporary personality.  She will repeat this process again and again, getting better and better with each performance, learning from her past mistakes.  Each role is just a temporary position in the trajectory of her career until eventually she retires, going back to being her true self for good (though she never actually ceased to be her true self at any point during her career).

If you’re following along with my actress analogy, you’ll notice that our Spirit/Soul/Higher Self is the actress and our past-lives are the roles we play.  We just keep taking on new roles until one day, we decide that we’ve learned all we can and that we don’t want to act anymore. We’ve mastered our craft (i.e. the whole “living as a conscious being” thing) and now it’s time to retire (i.e. head back to proverbial heaven or source or whatever you call the afterlife).

So, at this point you might be saying, “This is fascinating and all, but why would anyone want or need a past life regression?”


First off, most people who seek past life regression do so for a few reasons: 1) pure curiosity; 2) they have something going on in this life that they cannot explain, whether it’s a deep fear, a medical issue with no physiological basis, or a recurring “negative” pattern/theme/relationship in their life; or 3) a way to learn more about themselves on a deeper level.

For some people it is a logical next step in their personal journey and for others it’s a last resort after other things have failed.  Regardless of your motives (I don’t judge…), if you approach the session with an open mind you WILL walk away with greater insight and understanding

Now here’s the best part … what I find most fascinating about past life regression (PLR) sessions, is that once you briefly “re-live” the past-life performance, there is an emotional release and/or healing that seems to come along with it. 

That’s right folks! This is really one of the most awesome secondary benefits of a past life regression session!  Sure, it’s very interesting to know that you may have been a witch (healer) in medieval times watching women around you be falsely accused, convicted and killed for being a witch, but what is the point of that knowledge if it has no value to your current life? (Still completely horrific and maddening that this crap actually happened in our history, but I digress.)

Here’s an example where this real benefit comes in…

For the client who WAS the medieval witch in a past life, she was able to review more events in that lifetime and learned that she was very much a healer who enjoyed nature and her nomadic, free-style life with no family.  This was consistent with other lives discovered in her session.  She enjoyed being alone in nature and when she did spend time around people, it was always to provide some type of medical care.

In my client’s current life, she is in a healing profession, surrounded by loving family.  She loves nature and as often as she can, she heads out for walks in quiet, outdoor places.  She came for a session because she felt a lot of anxiety around her family’s well-being and her thoughts about her ability to be a good mom. 

During the session she had the profound realization that she had never been a mom before!  Her Spirit/Soul/Higher Self wanted her to see these lives to show her that she was just anxious because being a mom was new to her.  This was her first time and as such, she was doing what any brand-new parent does, STRESS! She learned that she was doing just fine and that her anxieties were completely unfounded.  Coincidentally, later in the life of the witch, she was practicing as a healer in a small town and mothers from all over would bring their kids to her for care.  She was very proficient at healing and was greatly appreciated.  

Now this may not seem very exciting – there were no claims of former lives as Cleopatra or Marie Antoinette – but to my client it was enlightening.  Her anxiety surrounding her family’s well-being all but vanished (to normal mom-worrying levels).  In addition, as a complete BONUS to her session, she no longer had overwhelming fear when one of her family members was up on a height (think putting up the Christmas lights or trimming tree branches).  She had mentioned this fear to me in the pre-session and I did ask about it during the session itself, but we were not provided with any information so I didn’t dwell on it and moved on.  Clearly it didn’t matter as the fear resolved itself!  A nice by-product if you will.

This is what I LOVE about past life regressions; THERE IS ALWAYS WISDOM TO BE HAD that is applicable to your current life. 

Your Spirit/Soul/Higher Self takes you to the place it thinks you need to go and then you walk away with a higher wisdom about your current life or circumstances and a complete healing of the events and interactions of that life. 

I think every single human being could use a little insight here and there about their life. There is a yearning for more knowledge about who we truly are and why we are here on this planet, at this point in time.  There is an eagerness, or even longing, to discovering your own unique purpose.

So, whether it’s purely curiosity, or whether you are looking to the past to help you in your future, it’s worth exploring past life regression. 

Who are you…really?

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