When I was 12 years old, I had my first encounter with a Ouija board. 

Bored and home alone, on a dark, Canadian November evening, my friend and I found it in her hall closet just casually there with the rest of the board games.    

The thrill and the taboo-ness of it all made me curious, but the fear of what would happen if we played with it was real. Stories of this simple brown board are the thing of urban myths.  Even as a kid I somehow knew stories of all the bad things that happened to people who nonchalantly played around with a Ouija Board.

Taboos aside, our curiosity got the better of us and we cautiously lifted out the board, both of us looking at each other silently as if saying, “Are we really going to do this?”.  Stifling our nervous giggles, we began as all beginner Ouija users do, by asking the question, “Please show us a sign that you’re here.”  

And that’s when it happened.

Like the perfect opening scene of a horror movie, the hallway lights started rapidly flashing on and off over and over for about 5 solid seconds.

I’m sure the whole neighborhood heard the screams, and I don’t think I’ve moved so fast in my entire life.  My only armor protecting me against whatever was out there in possession of the lights, was a simple sheet and I clung to it like it was saving my life. 

Obviously I survived, and I laugh as this story shows that I was an early adopter of spiritual “technology”. After 3 college diplomas, and a Science degree, I found my “roots” once again, and trained in various types of hypnosis: traditional and the more spiritual types like past life and between life regression.

I never forgot that first (and only) encounter with the Ouija Board, though it turned out that there were no evil spirits in control of the lights, just an older sister.  In true big sister fashion, she thought she’d scare us by waiting for the perfect moment and flipping the light switch off and on over and over to scare us. 

It worked.

Of course, the Ouija Board sat there innocently – a victim of a prank – but I learned a valuable lesson that night: don’t play around with things I don’t understand.

This has become a sort of motto for me when it comes to my spiritual hypnosis practice and one that I wish other people who work in this domain would adopt. 

In a space where there are few regulations, there are no limits to a person hanging out their shingle and calling themselves a Past Life Regressionist or any number of titles, with zero training or experience. 

Facebook groups are full of people offering past life freebies and low-cost sessions.  They’re full of people reading a script out of a book and calling themselves an expert.  You can even find free guided sessions on YouTube.

The problem with this lack of regulation is that you’re never sure of what you’re going to get.  How does one know if they’re choosing a person who is skilled when they’re surrounded by a sea of people who aren’t?

Here are my 5 biggest tips to help you choose the right Past Life Regressionist (or any hypnotherapist):

1. Ask for credentials.

Are they certified in Hypnosis or Past Life Regression?  I personally believe that foundational knowledge of hypnosis makes for a more skilled hypnotherapist. Most PLR training happens over a weekend or are self-paced online courses. These can teach you how to facilitate a past life session, but they don’t teach you the principles behind hypnosis. Hypnosis is not a formula, but an art.  These sessions dig into your psyche and they can uncover very unpleasant experiences.  Hypnotherapists need to be able to course correct and work with the client where they’re at and a script from a book isn’t going to teach them that.  A trained hypnotherapist will ensure that you are whole and embodied after a session.  YouTube cannot guarantee this, and I’m positive that the bargain-priced past life regressionist can’t either.

The other thing to note is that a hypnotherapist who is well trained and highly experienced is going to be priced accordingly.

2. Check out their online presence.

Do they have a website and does it look professional?  Are their credentials displayed? Have you checked out their social media profiles to see what kinds of content they post?  Do you resonate with their content?  Do they have testimonials?  Do they seem legitimate?  Desperate?  Overly aggressive?  Do they list 100 different things they can help with?  These are all good data points to help you decide who a person is and what their experience level is. 

3. Are they open to having a call before any money is exchanged?

I highly recommend communicating with your potential hypnotherapist before exchanging any money.  Because these sessions can go deep into your psyche, there should always be a mutual agreement to work together.  Do you get a good feeling from this person and do you trust them?  Trust is the number one prerequisite for a successful session so I highly recommend a call, whether that’s the old-fashioned way or through Zoom.  If you don’t trust them or your gut sends you red flags, it’s best not to ignore it.

4. Pay attention to what they promise can be achieved.

You should be able to discuss what outcome you expect and the hypnotherapist should be able to answer your questions and let you know whether your outcome is achievable.  Hypnosis is highly effective, but it’s not a panacea to solving all problems and your hypnotherapist should be able to discuss limitations with you should they exist.  As well, a skilled hypnotherapist will always act within the scope of their practice.  Unless they are a medical professional or regulated health profession, they should not claim to “cure” you or “treat” you for medical conditions.  I’ve seen many, many healings occur through PLR, but a hypnotherapist should never promise or set expectations that this will occur.

5. What are your motives for wanting a Past Life Regression?

Are you curious or do you have a deeper problem that you want to explore?  I cannot stress enough that if you really want to explore long standing patterns, relationships with people in your current life, potentially why you have an illness or health challenge, fears and phobias, you should choose a hypnotherapist who has extensive training.  The subconscious is the land of the unknown and is a storehouse for all the information that passes through your senses.  It’s also filtered through your own beliefs, biases, and programming; therefore, it’s wise to have someone to help you see the bigger picture, and gently help you process what you experience.

It’s impossible to know what’s going to show up in a past life regression.  If you choose to explore areas that are unfamiliar, it’s wise to journey with someone who is trained properly, so you can walk away from your session in awe of the experience you just had.

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