Let me tell you a little something about me and how I arrived here (not literally, of course).


That’s me in the pic over there.  I’m Anne, and I am the owner of Attune Hypnosis.

Attune Hypnosis was born out of a life-long winding road of me asking myself, “What is my purpose?” I started asking that at a really young age and it wasn’t until my third decade that I really started putting it together. Let me show you what it looked like:

  • Go to school, study hard, graduate, get a job, get bored. (career 1)
  • Go to school, study hard, graduate, get a job, get bored. (career 2)
  • While still at organization of career 2, move to a new job, get bored, move to a new job in the same organization, get bored…

See a pattern developing here?  I see 3 things that stand out: education hopping, job hopping, and boredom.  Now don’t get me wrong, it isn’t always a bad thing to try for new jobs or work on your education, but sometimes if you look a little deeper, that’s not what it’s really about.  It’s a pattern of behavior more than opportunity for growth

I thought something was wrong with me!!!

Why did I get bored so easily?  Why was I always on the hunt for new learning? Why couldn’t I just be happy having a job? Was I asking too much to want a job that fulfills me?

Things really got tough though when I reached the dreaded “career glass ceiling“:

  • I was bored in my job – cue the shame of pondering another job hunt 
  • I felt I had no place else to rise – my limiting beliefs told me that I wasn’t qualified for anything else & that I wasn’t leadership material (both completely false)
  • I had a “safe” job that provided me with both job and financial security – the “golden handcuffs” as they say

I coped for a while by telling myself to “get over it” and to “stop requiring my job to fulfill me” but that didn’t work.  I found myself mentally checking-out and procrastinating on getting things done.  I was cynical about work and felt like nothing could make it better. I started to get migraines.  I was tired all the time and started to lose my ability to focus and be creative.

I was firmly in brown-out and bore-out, but then began inching towards burnout. I started to recognize that the only person holding me back was me.

So you might be asking yourself right now, “Why is she telling me this?”. And my answer to that is to give you hope. 

If I wanted a life of meaning and fulfilment (which are very strong values for me), then only I could make it happen.  I had to stop making excuses for myself.  I had to do a deep dive into what my soul was directing me towards.  I had to get over my limiting beliefs keeping me stuck and take action.

So I did.

I followed by internal guidance which lead me to a path I’ve been interested in since I was 18 (obviously it was hypnosis!).

I finally realized that my biggest strengths are learning, teaching and seeing patterns in things, so it makes sense that when I reached the ceiling of learning for a job, I got bored and wanted to try something new.  THIS WAS JUST ME BEING ME! (face palm…)

And even though I used to beat myself up for these behaviours, I’ve come to realize that they have ultimately led me to my purpose, so perhaps they were prerequisites for what I’m doing now – WHICH I LOVE. Finally…I made it to the other side and it’s so much better

I’d like to invite you over to the other side with me.  Over here we can create our life versus just living through Groundhog Day, day after day. 

  • Want that promotion but you’ve been telling yourself that you aren’t qualified?
  • Bored at work but afraid to take the leap to a new opportunity?
  • Finding yourself in a pattern where when things get hard, you create “very valid” reasons (cough…excuses) for why you don’t need whatever it was you were striving for?
  • Telling yourself that there’s no way you can follow your passion because “you have a really well-paying job.”

I literally could go on and on.  Self-sabotage, fears and limiting beliefs have many faces.  I think you get my point though.

Helping motivated women – who are working below their potential – to get unstuck is my purpose.  If you’re ready to take charge of your future by overcoming the fears, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage, let’s talk

Seriously, it’s way frickin better over here.  Please don’t take my word for it.  

What Makes It Official


Certified in the best, most effective therapeutic technique there is (in my opinion…but you don’t have to take my opinion…it’s won plenty of awards) for deep-rooted issues, ailments and beliefs.  It’s called Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT) and I’m thrilled to be offering this service.

I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, with additional certification in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives facilitation.  As well, I hold a professional certification to perform online hypnosis sessions through the 5-PATH International Association of Hypnosis Professionals.

I have a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Science and a Medical Laboratory Technician Diploma too.

I love learning like Indiana Jones loves his fedora.  That man will do anything to save that hat, and I will sacrifice the matching handbag to my beautiful nude heels for a book.  A girl has limits.   

The Unimportant, Yet Fascinating Info

Who I am,based on "Who you are" tests

I debated the relevance of this, but I like to know who I’m working with when I pay for services, so I’m extending the courtesy.  Plus, if you skip to the good part below, you’ll notice I have the honesty trait, so I’m going to go ahead and overshare!    

I frickin love “who you are” tests.  Half the time I have no idea what to do with the info, but I like to know anyway – call it the curiosity in me.  Now that I’ve put it all in one place, I’m starting to see some trends.  (Plus, if I’m really honest…it’s because I spent a lot of time looking for my “purpose.”  I thought these tests would show me.  Spoiler alert … they didn’t.)

I’m always in the market for a good test, so if you have a gem to recommend, let me know.  I know they don’t help a great deal, but I love them anyway!  I’m on it like a new Deborah Harkness book.  (She’s a lovely person too. I’ve met her in real life. #bucketlist)