Let me start right here in case you decide to not read any further: Yes, online hypnosis sessions are real … and effective!

Doing old things in new ways is hard.  We like old ways.  We are comfortable with old ways.  Well folks, COVID has completely shoved us (not very gently I might add…) into new ways of doing things.  Frankly, I think many things are for the better.  Online hypnosis sessions definitely fall into the “for the better” category, though people have actually been doing it successfully for years.   Sorry COVID; you’re a little late to the party on this one.

Below is a list of 10 myths that might make you question whether online hypnosis sessions are a thing.  From a personal perspective, I think online hypnosis sessions might actually be better than in-person, but I’ll let you decide.  Here’s the list, starting with the most obvious:

  1. Does it work? Yes.  It works.  Does the work your boss gives you over zoom still come to you?  Do you understand the conversations you are having with your colleagues over videoconferencing?  The same principle applies with hypnosis.  Hypnosis is just another type of conversation and as long as I can see you (which isn’t really a requirement either but it helps me to gauge your responses) it works!
  2. No travel required.  As long as you have a quiet space, a webcam (or camera) and an internet connection, you CAN do hypnosis sessions online.  Social distancing at its finest.  No sanitizing required.
  3. You are in your own space!  When you find yourself reaching for the cookie or the bag of chips, where are you?  Most times I bet you’re at home.  So, doesn’t it make sense to have a session in the very place where the temptation comes up? 
  4. Weather? Traffic?  Nope! Not a thing with online sessions unless your internet goes out … but if that happens then it’s probably happening at the office too if you’re close geographically.  Which brings me to my next point.
  5. No hypnotist in your area?  This happens!  We’re kind of a rare breed (and a big deal I like to think … though I’m biased).  What if you don’t connect with the person in your area or they don’t offer the service you’re looking for?  You are not geographically limited with online sessions.
  6. Have mobility or medical issues?  We are here for you!  Doing sessions in your own space means you have one less thing to think about before a session.
  7. What if you want some privacy?  This can be a very valid concern!  Sometimes we just don’t want to walk into the medical office building or have a sensitive conversation in a stranger’s office.  Maybe you’re super introverted (that’s totally me) and the idea of having to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT AND PHYSICALLY SHOW UP somewhere is daunting.  I don’t even like ordering pizza. 
  8. What if there’s an emergency?  We prepare for that.  Don’t worry.  In the very unlikely event that something happens during a session, we have a plan that we put together before the session – together.
  9. You control your environment.  You run hot or cold?  You control the temperature.  Sensitive to smell?  No worries!  You are used to your own environment so this is a complete non-issue. 
  10. No inappropriate behaviour.  I hesitated to write this one since I believe that every single person in a profession has a duty to behave appropriately – regardless of profession – but in case you are worried that you are going to be treated inappropriately, doing online sessions squashes this concern.  As a reminder, all hypnotists certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists (for which I am a member), have a code of ethics we adhere to and honestly, it’s just being a decent human being!  If at any time your spidey-sense goes off, find another practitioner.  That’s just good life advice right there.  

Convinced? If not, please contact me! I want to provide you with every assurance that online hypnosis sessions are safe and effective!  Don’t let social distancing keep you away from having an awesome hypnosis session!  I’m still here and 100% able to help.  In fact, just to make sure everything goes as smoothly as the internet gods allow, I provide all my clients with a checklist of pointers prior to the session.  I want the session to be super successful for you!

If you’re interested in trying out an online session, contact me today to get scheduled.

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