Your Soul Came Here with a Plan. Isn't It Time You Discovered it?

You are no accident. You have a purpose, a calling, something you are here to do.

What's holding you back from taking the journey your soul yearns for?


Welcome. I'm Anne.

I help conscious seeking women to connect with their their true Self so they can achieve their dreams in life.  Together, we dismantle your core limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from living the life you really want. 

I see you.  I hear your cries of frustration.  I feel your longing, your sadness.  Is it time to take off the armor that you wear to “protect” you, the armor that is weighing you down and keeping you stuck?  

Through the use of transpersonal hypnosis (integrating your whole self – mind, body, spirit) we explore who you really are and what you really want, so that you can live your purpose and find deep meaning and fulfilment in your life.  

So who are you when no one is looking?  Who are you when there is no one there to pass judgment or burden you with expectations? Are you ready to explore?


Helping You Through the Existential Crisis of "Who Am I" and "What Am I Here To Do"

liberate yourself from fear

Would you recognize the fears in your life that are holding you back? Fear has many faces.  

We all carry patterns, limiting beliefs, and cultural conditioning that encourage us to follow the status quo, even when our heart tells us that something is missing.

I help you identify these fears and eliminate them from your life. 

connect with your purpose

Every single human being has a purpose, even if we can’t identify it. Often we search in the usual places: books, gurus, personal development courses, but we are still left wondering.  You know where we rarely look?  Inside. Inside is precisely where we must go.

I help you to look inside, so you can connect with your purpose.

embrace your Calling

Self-awareness is powerful, but it can only take you so far.  You must put your purpose – your genius – into action.  Can you genuinely picture yourself living your purpose? Can you confidently step into the shoes of your authentic self and begin to walk, or better yet, run?

I help you feel confident to chart your new purpose-driven path.    


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What My Client's are saying

WOW! I was blown away with my session! I had no idea what it would be like to go into past lives and I was curious and excited to explore. Her calm voice and confident style immediately put me at ease and I felt in good hands. The issue I wanted to work on with Anne was to open my heart. I'm coming out of a difficult breakup, and I sought Anne's help in understanding why I'm not able to receive love. She regressed me to several scenes where I experienced lost love and running away. And now, thanks to Anne, I know what I need to change in my life - to stick around and meet the challenge instead of running and avoiding it like I'd previously believed. I highly recommend working with Anne! You will surely gain new life-changing insights into your self like I did.
M.V., Italy
I have always struggled with procrastination and keeping myself motivated on a daily basis when it comes to work related projects. I just started a new venture in owning my own business and I went to Anne for help with these setbacks. After my session and within one month of working with her, I have gotten my website launched, social media forums up and running, and other key related strategies for my debut. I also have a new layer of confidence and excitement that was not there prior. I cannot wait to see what transpires in the next few months! I would highly recommend Anne for any issues that are holding you back from living a successful life!
I have been absolutely blown away by hypnosis: the experience, the results. The mind has such power to keep us stuck. Anne has provided much needed guidance and direction! I’ve had sessions for two specific issues - reducing my sugar intake and reducing my reactive frustration with a houseful of teens. The changes have been amazing! My desire for sugar took an immediate about-face and months later that continues! Now reactive frustration as a mom...I didn’t share the subject of my session with my teens. A week later one asked me what my last hypnosis session had been for and when I revealed she said “I knew it!!”. Now that’s proof positive!!! I am so grateful for Anne and her work!!
J.D., Canada
During my self-healing journey, I realized I had some beliefs about money which were keeping me stuck. I couldn't figure out what was the reason for those beliefs! I decided to take a session with Anne and it turned things around for me. What an intense and deep session I had! With all the tears flowing, I could see my healing happening. I gained an insight into the root causes of my beliefs and as I questioned them, they ceased to exist. I would highly recommend Anne to someone who is seeking the answers in his/her quest. Anne is extremely compassionate, competent, trustworthy and professional.
J.L., Canada
I came to Anne to help with my lack of confidence in building a successful business. It was holding me back and I felt like I was sabotaging myself. I was unhappy, scared, stressed and overwhelmed not knowing what my next move was. After my session, I gained so much clarity and I was finally able to get back on track. You're now talking to a very proud multi-passionate entrepreneur! Thank you Anne for helping me restore my confidence, take back control of my life and go for my dreams.
S.J., Switzerland
Anne helped me realize that past childhood traumas have limited my ability to embrace and accept success as my own. I have lived life feeling as though success is undeserved and limited. Anne helped me realize everything is available to me, restored my confidence, and helped to erase beliefs that have been holding me back. Anne is intuitive, professional, and gifted.
L.S., Canada
Anne is a very kind and lovely person. In my session, she helped me to deal with scenes in a very detailed way, asking core questions that helped me to uncover and understand so many things about myself. It’s very clear that she wants to serve the client in every possible way to build an awareness at an even deeper level. I feel so much clarity about why I am self-sabotaging.
R.O., Dubai
I've been trying to start a business for nearly a year and not being successful. I was ready to give up. After working with Anne, I have a renewed energy and excitement to get my business off the ground. I highly recommend Anne who is professional and compassionate in helping people with underlying issues.
I came to Anne as I was embarking on the creation of a new business. I felt a bit stuck. I wasn't sure what direction to take or how to move in any direction. I had lots of ideas but wasn't moving forward. In my session, I was able to eliminate the subconscious drivers that were keeping me from moving beyond my upper limit of success. Now, I can see my direction for my business. I am taking the necessary action steps to create my dreams. And above all I believe I am 100% capable of designing the life of my dreams and living my purpose.


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